Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five



Huffing, she filled in
the hole with sand and
chips. My portal to
underneath, which now
has to be approached from
the other side, the dark
bedraggled way that
curves beyond the hill.
There I had found
a bed true, whole annals
of powder and bite, nine
frosted and haloed
smiles. But the real
professor will not let us
in: has human secrets
she can’t abide us
crowing, and discovers
me there when the
din of voices outside
is not enough to gild
the lock I grope to bar
myself from her eyes.


Suzanne Marie Hopcroft is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Yale University and writes from New York City, where she teaches composition at Hostos Community College. Suzanne has recently seen her poetry appear in Word Riot and PANK; her fiction has appeared in > kill author and Gargoyle.