Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Trying to Have Something Left Over



“remembering something maybe important that got lost.”
– Jack Gilbert

1. Preparation

Buy overalls for the excavation. These should

have deep pockets. Should keep you warm in

mountains. Other items needed: specimen bags,

long tweezers, disposable film cameras, a journal,

some nuts.


2. Article #1

Maddison and I. Knee deep in humus

wood. Near the river. Undust the coal dust from

drab-downed leaves. Uncover lost curios of murk.

Found: Mr. Hoover, the town’s auctioneer, beside

a felled tree. We wipe swamped leaves from his face.

Drip a spot of water on his lip.

She takes the pictures: his left and right side profile,

close-up on fatigue wrinkles, his nuclear shovel

in hand glozed with glower – blinded our film prints


4. Interview

“We cracked the reactor open with our hands. Stared

inside before haunting a phone call home. Don’t hang

drying clothes in it. Don’t let the kids hide and seek

in it. We recognized it outside the plant. Still see it.

Fogging the town on the drive home. Slipping into your

son’s pockets. In tracking blooded leaves on deer hunts.”


3. Notes From Field Journal

six am fog raising from dead mines

breathed over knobbed mountain

like creeping sea

coffee shop of the unemployed

hunter-hover over mugs

of stale coffee

scratch a ticket. pay for fried-eggs

this morning. maybe cable

tomorrow morning,

Caily Grube in her senior undergraduate year at the University of Pittsburgh. She will graduate with a BA in English Writing – Poetry and to pursue an MFA in poetry after graduation. Her work is soon to be published in Forbes & Fifth, a new undergraduate publication at the University of Pittsburgh.