Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Three Poems


My Account

my mum
has lovely
+ cartilage
2 sink
yr teeth
get a good
chew on.
1 time
I got
on her
felt the earth
fast fall away.
want shimmered
like belly air.
I always neglect
2 mention my name.

Timmy Says

I was scratching my muscle
eating a lot of big turkey bones
watching storm storm + storm surge on TV
Sunset etching. wobbly table legs.
be discrete be simple when you finger
the 12 year old though the bloody veil
comes slapping down over your head
and you can’t see nothing but
I wake up covered in warm sticky shit.


the French in you is fine
spit it up + cancel 2morrow
I was not a witness
I shave the pomegranate
bitch ice. what less felt
could the shoulder hurt
like a tiny tiny might
trained 2 suck tit
globby fire wilt bain.
muck munk ordered hen
toes 2 sparkle they gloss
the future without
trillions of eyes hope
the day will be theirs
in all the same shape
the oxygen holds three muscles
that repair lunge chaff
+ ice shards revisit laura
who dumb as a love dog
hams her shoulder cart
all the way down mackerel
+ forest tripping on loose
sheaves. amber or ash you
choose the warden whispers.
there is very little sophistication
in cynicism today I am
more like a duck enjoying the bob.

William Burke is a poet from Maine. He has worked as a street performer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, taught English in the Ukraine, been arrested for reading Shakespeare on the street in the U.S., been a peace witness in Iraq and the West Bank and has worked with African immigrants in agricultural projects in the U.S. He currently resides in Louisiana.