Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Now I’m In Death’s Nightclub… Space is a Paradox[1]

Still, a citizen of a planet taking itself way too seriously & never seriously enough.
I can’t believe this life’s cover charge. I didn’t become a lady to get-in free
but to get-out alive. Sober & drinking sparkling water almost exclusively.
I need some excitement in my mouth to swallow this funeral march of a-reality.
I can’t even hear myself over myself. It’s a lipread-mantra of fivemoreminutes
& maybe a song I like will gravity my body into an event horizon. No more last call
in this orbit. I’m not waiting for the new cold war to melt from the poles. Drown heaven
in a programmable operating system. Nothing can happen here & yet here I am waiting
in line to piss off the crowd with my DJ request: PLAY SOMETHING
THAT WILL SHATTER THE EARTH. Even in fragments, the whole planet would still be
in space. Regardless of the surface, the core, the atmosphere, all our matter mechanic.

[1] after Roberto Bolaño’s “The Robot


jayy dodd is a black trans womxn, literary & performance artist, & exists across multiple dimensions. Find Jayy online here and on Twitter here.