Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from the Poetry Editors


In light of the success of our last issue, a departure in that it did not have a theme, we decided again to put out a call for open submissions in hopes of encouraging that same level of diversity.

Even though there was no overarching theme, the poems here still feel very connected. In certain poems, lines work as hinges—beginning with one meaning in one line, before leaping into another meaning in the next. For example, the transforming “will” in Alejandro Escudé’s “The Sixth Arrondissement” (“I will the end of the video woman./ You will recall the quiet between the reeds”) or the drumming of “let’s” in Patrick Williams’ “Cinepak” (“Let’s learn, let’s lean on glissando,/ let’s let some same sounds phase. Let’s switch/ on our remote looks when things get heavy”).

We’ve witnessed linkages and departures between poems from different poets, as if they are speaking to each other. There are flocks of birds, bees, and hexes. There are brides, horses, and the blazing of hair. These poems are buzzing and burning with urgency. We’ve enjoyed curating this issue, and we’re very excited to share these poems with you.