Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from the Fiction Editor


“On Hauntings and Unlikely Turns”

“Memories will come unbidden, and always when you are least expecting it. You are galloping on a horse. You feel the pull in the muscles and lean forward, you and the horse, fused sinew to sinew. And then there it is, you remember her and understand the effort it will take to forget. How you will need to pull away from her again and again and again.” —Jennifer Harvey, from “Fractured Composition”


This collection features stories which actively engage with memory, the haunting that demands the turn of the page, or scroll. Michael Chin’s “Stone” is an unorthodox coming-of-age story, one in which the protagonist learns valuable lessons from a bond with an unlikely friend—a boy made of stone. In LaTesha Harris’ “Las Cenizas,” the reader is introduced to an ill-fated friendship that can’t survive race and socio-economic divides. In Jennifer Harvey’s “Fractured Composition,” the reader is placed front and center in the threshold of grief and regret. But what happens when past demons resurrect in front of strangers? Lola Opatayo’s piece “Colorful Eyes” explores violations which come to the forefront of the reader’s eye.

I hope you enjoy our featured fiction collection.

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