Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five



“Viciousness in the kitchen! / The potatoes hiss.”
– “Lesbos,” Sylvia Plath


I may be your meal,
sweet and plummy,
catching behind your tongue,

as one by one
I pull teeth
out of my arm,
the part where I
am undercooked.

I would sweep
and you would gather.
I would carve
and you would stir.

I would watch you
weave my hair
into horses and
ride into
the pathological sunset,

and you might,
for god’s sake,
close your mouth.

Katrina Greco is a 2012 graduate of the MFA program at St. Mary’s College of California. Born and raised north of Pittsburgh, she currently resides in Oakland, California, surrounded by writers. Like her parents, she spends much of her time teaching. Her work can be found in Caught in the Carousel and The Fiddleback.