Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

From Structure to Debris


By Kyle William Butler
In this body of work, I utilize images of building materials to establish
a spectrum ranging from completed structure to debris. On one side of the
spectrum, there is the completed structure. It is both cultivation and
upkeep; a denial of nature and a move toward utopia. This point
represents the constructed individual, overtaken by spectacle and eclipsed
by stereotype. On the other end of the spectrum is debris, the singular
individual left to fallow outside of social norms.
By using concepts from the disciplines of urban planning and architecture,
I draw parallels between the individual and the slum, and between the
stereotype and the gentrified neighborhood. Through this combined
terminology I hope to develop relationships between these different
spectrums, using each to provide insight into the other.



Communicable Disease, intaglio, 25″x11″, 2007.



Identity Theft (detail), india ink and acrylic on two panels, 48″x49″, 2007.



Help Yourself: Bystander Photographs Assault Victim at Kansas Gas Station, oil, acrylic, ink, pen on panel, 20″x20″, 2008.