Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Four Poems



from “The random walk”



what can we do with this


the 100,000 years it takes a photon

to reach the surface of the sun


– Peter Gizzi


“Motherfucker I love the hail” (Whitman 15).

/     /    /

i rent a movie and record over it with a 2-hour video of my hand bones flexing on a chessboard.

i chew peanuts standing in the kitchen shouting compliments at my family


“again my dirt-loveing face:       again i love the dirt’

BETTY:  I burned my car on purpose, that was maybe too much.

GRANT:  I unbuckl my dance boots. This is where i am so on fire.

JASON: It’s january and

everybody is licking their cigarettes.

ALL:  How uncanny to balance across a thing



“shit, this desert weather is temperate as hell”       “no shit!”

Works Cited

/     /     /



rip this poem in half

i don t care at all,     i ll just make another


“Cash is dispensed below the scanner.” – Gandhi

/      /     /

In the south it looks like rain (in the south

it looks like rain.

Late july, harvest your wheat!

i scrape rust off a bicycle headlamp:

cornfields            even the moon is orange tonight


“Dennis, unhook my car’s air conditioning now.” – Gandhi

I thought football & curling were different sports

I thought algebra & critical theory were separate disciplines.

Good fucking lord we enjoy the wheat season in michigan




“see this chair?  I’ll burn it, I don’t care about chairs” – Gandhi

/    /    /

it’s august in michigan , i’m kicking footballs into a cornfield

(baked squash + jaybirds)

train tracks + the


it’s august in michigan,  efforts to reduce my stress are stressing me out. “if this is dick cheney, where the fuck is my house?”

( now i don’t do anything.

it’s august in michigan.   your warm legs fill a dress.    we don’t feel bad at all—

the rain comes,

we don’t feel bad in the rain at all

Steve Roggenbuck has poems published or forthcoming in Cricket Online Review, nthposition, and Word For/ Word. He lives in Michigan and blogs at