Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Explaining from the Broken Body, How it Happened


If I deserve to be alone, what, then, is this shattering? Unbreathable atmosphere beginning       in     lungs puncturedtonguehowler,     waybackthunderer     veins allexplosive now making disintegration a bop don’t cries bellowbetter   from   bowels   of   canyons   range   becomes   a frequency   of   futileregisters.   Empty   messiest   flatnotes where accompaniment is supposed to comein. Play funeralmarchea   on   dancefloors   at   dawn,   read   lovenotes into ash my favorite costume is an-other’s shape. I want to disrobe   &   still   sleep,   covering   &   covered   I give as I ingest with   both   hands.  Now,   scaffolding   digits   into   gag   reflex rejection tugs trachea maybethereisnothingyoudeserve membrane.   Beyond   receptive   destination   beyond   love where question is onlypast.


jayy dodd is a black trans womxn, literary & performance artist, & exists across multiple dimensions. Find Jayy online here and on Twitter here.