Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Excerpt from “Livid Season”


Once, in a time of one continent and one ocean, everyone was disguised as rocks. The earth shook us from her land as a lion shakes mud from his mane and we sank for thousands of years, like falling stars, across the then bottomless ocean. In our descent, we met blood, disguised as moss, and wore it on our softening exteriors. What it recorded was yet unbounded by cells. The water un-creased us and we sifted into sediment, forming small beds, floating bodies of sand, for the moss to crawl between. Over time we gathered, body atop body, and become wholly heavier than the water, who revealed herself to be the land, who we fell upon, bleeding and gasping, again at the mercy of the atmosphere. On the first night, we watched the stars and ached as the water, disguised as clouds, rushed between us.

Serena Chopra is a graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder’s MFA program and is the 2011 Writer-In-Residence at RedLine Gallery in Denver. She is recently published in the Denver Quarterly, Fact-Simile, The Laurel Review, VOLT, Versal, Vinyl and No Tell Motel. Her chapbook, Speaking to Your Man, was released in August 2010 by Peninsulas Now Press. Her latest chapbook, Penumbra will be released in 2012 from Flying Guillotine Press. Coconut books will release her still-to-be-titled, first full-length book in 2013. She is a 2010 Kundiman fellow and the co-founder and curator of TitMouse Magazine and art events.