Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Two Poems


Stitched Me Up
What a glory  I say
to this dog  Or
other  The only thing
my head forgets is
Refrigerator lights
I’m not that big
To repair a door  Is an
example  I’m sorry
To your eyes  I’m
sorry  To blinking  A
moon is an animal
too  We can clean it
We can make it proud
of the people that
said  You aren’t done
yet  But we are so
proud of you already

In the Sound 
Salt settles unless
it doesn’t  I am trapped
in my chest  Said
the root Said the city
My throat is a joy
anyway  & I don’t like
sleeping until I can’t
do it anymore  Wind
moves rain to a
new roof  It’s late &
I am trying to be brave
But instead I talk
But instead I take to
the surface  Nobody’s
damaged anymore
Just preserved


Dalton Day is a terrified dog person, Pushcart nominated poet, & MFA candidate in The New Writer’s Project at UT Austin. He is the author of Fake Knife, & the forthcoming Tandem. His poems have appeared in PANK, Hobart, Everyday Genius, & Gigantic Sequins, among others. He helps edit FreezeRay Poetry, Souvenir Lit, & can be found online at &