Hot Metal Bridge is seeking submissions for our spring issue. All submissions are due by April 15th, and in addition to well-crafted poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, we are now open to art, photography, and video submissions as well.

Please submit work through our online submissions manager: And in your cover letter, please let us know how you heard about the magazine. We love to know how readers and submitters are finding us–or how we’re finding you.

Creative Nonfiction:

We’re calling for your best, unpublished true stories in any form from traditional memoir and literary journalism to lyric essays and the unexpected.  Our favorite stories have a strong, compelling narrative that looks beyond a personal experience for some universal truth or meaning. Entries should be between 500 and 5,000 words and should be submitted via Submittable as a Word or RTF attachment by Tuesday, April 15th.


Hot Metal Bridge is looking for thoughtful and well-written fiction. We like to publish the stories of Pittsburgh and the Appalachian/Ohio Valley/Northeast/Midwest region but are always thrilled to publish any well-crafted, thoughtful work that comes our way.  Send a bio and contact information, including an e-mail address. We can’t wait to hear from you. Good luck and good writing.


Hot Metal Bridge welcomes compelling art (including video) and photography submissions in any standard format. Please limit your submissions to no more than eight images and/or two videos per submission cycle. Be sure to title your work and save your files in the following format: Lastname_Title_Spring2014.


Last issue, we decided to forgo our tradition of having a theme and opened submissions up for all kinds of poetry, regardless of form and subject. We also asked for digital media submissions for the very first time. These ended up being very, very good calls.

For our next issue, we invite you again to send us audio/video submissions–your slam poetry, your dance poetry, your performance poetry, your _________ poetry, you get the idea. Or, just send us poems on the good, old-fashioned page!

Please include a short bio with your submission of up to five poems. We look forward to reading your work.

"Regardless of What You Face" by Ernest Williamson III
"Regardless of What You Face" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III


Note from Fiction Editors Jen Bannan and Frank Huerta
Church Avenue
by Adrian Astur Alvarez
Postmortem Photography by David Patterson
A Thousand Words by Christine Pivovar
The Perspective from Este Lado de la Frontera: An Interview with Benjamin Alire Sáenz

"Freedom" by Kate Koenig "Freedom" by Kate Koenig


Note from Poetry Editors Laura Brun and Michelle Lin
Two Poems by Carol Dorf
Three Poems by Melissa Goodrich
Two Poems by Jeffrey Haynes
Two Poems by Vanessa Couto Johnson
The Museum of Everything Salty by Kristin Maffei
Love Advice from a Twenty-Sided Die by Martin Ott
Un-Muscled by Diana Roffman
A catalog by Afton Wilky
Sheets of rain against the surface of the see by Afton Wilky

"Delving Into Her Craft" by Ernest Williamson III "Delving Into Her Craft" by Ernest Williamson III


Note from Nonfiction Editors Laura Clark and Rachel Wilkinson
The Family Way by Christine Kaiser Bonasso
Under My Father's Tree by Stephanie L. Liberatore
Bon Jellico by Anthony J. Otten

"Rebuilt Hot Metal" by Andy Beck "Rebuilt Hot Metal" by Andy Beck


Artist Gallery
Artist Spotlight: Dr. Earnest Williamson II


F_2013_Kate_Koenig-Locked_in_Love "Locked in Love" by Kate Koenig


Fall 2013 Contributor Bios
HMB Book Reviews
HMB Blog

"Wait" by Kate LaDew "Wait" by Kate LaDew

"St. Paul Revealed" by Dr. Ernest Williamson "St. Paul Revealed" by Dr. Ernest Williamson

F_2013_Philip_Sweet-Out_for_Some_Fresh_Air "Out for Some Fresh Air" by Philip Sweet

"Bard With Black Roses" by Ernest Williams "Bard With Black Roses" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

"Sleep" by Kate LaDew "Sleep" by Kate LaDew

"Meters of Meters" by Philip Sweet "Meters of Meters" by Philip Sweet

"Untitled" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III "Untitled" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III