Hot Metal Bridge, the literary magazine created by M.F.A. students at the University of Pittsburgh, publishes two issues annually: fall and spring. We have published work by Russell Banks, Tom Perotta, Maxine Hong Kingston, Dan Chaon, Michelle Wildgen, Ewa Chrusciel, Charles Baxter, Sherman Alexie, Sherrie Flick, Rodrigo Toscano, and Don Lee, but we also maintain an emphasis on finding new material from emerging and previously unpublished writers.

Hot Metal Bridge privileges no particular aesthetic or school of thought; we simply seek the most accomplished, surprising work in contemporary literature.


Editors-in-Chief: Lauren Russell, April Flynn

Business Manager: Tim Maddocks

Fiction Editors: Frank Huerta, Jennifer Bannan, Amanda Boyle

Nonfiction Editors:  Laura Clark, Rachel Wilkinson, Sara Button

Poetry Editors: Michelle Lin, Laura Brun

Book Review Editors: Caroline Wolff, J.R. Murphy

Faculty Advisor: Bill Lychack

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Fiction Readers: Nancy Garcia, Tyler McAndrew, Gabrielle Pastorek, Scott Romani, Nina Sabak, Jonathan Vander Woude

Nonfiction Readers: Molly Bain, Aletha Francis, Cumi Ikeda, Gavin Jenkins, Tim Maddocks, J.R. Murphy, Caroline Wolff

Poetry Readers: Kelly Andrews, Cameron Barnett, Kazumi Chin, Kamala Gopalakrishnan, Emily Hopkins, Caleb Washburn

Emeritus Editors: Carolyn Kellogg, Ashleigh Pedersen, Kelly Ramsey, Geoff Peck, Salvatore Pane, Turi Fesler, Amy Whipple, Steve Gillies, Robyn Jodlowski, Jen Howard, Leigh Thomas

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From 2001–2005, M.F.A. students at the University of Pittsburgh published the literary magazine Nidus.

"Regardless of What You Face" by Ernest Williamson III
"Regardless of What You Face" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III


Note from Fiction Editors Jen Bannan and Frank Huerta
Church Avenue
by Adrian Astur Alvarez
Postmortem Photography by David Patterson
A Thousand Words by Christine Pivovar
The Perspective from Este Lado de la Frontera: An Interview with Benjamin Alire Sáenz

"Freedom" by Kate Koenig "Freedom" by Kate Koenig


Note from Poetry Editors Laura Brun and Michelle Lin
Two Poems by Carol Dorf
Three Poems by Melissa Goodrich
Two Poems by Jeffrey Haynes
Two Poems by Vanessa Couto Johnson
The Museum of Everything Salty by Kristin Maffei
Love Advice from a Twenty-Sided Die by Martin Ott
Un-Muscled by Diana Roffman
A catalog by Afton Wilky
Sheets of rain against the surface of the see by Afton Wilky

"Delving Into Her Craft" by Ernest Williamson III "Delving Into Her Craft" by Ernest Williamson III


Note from Nonfiction Editors Laura Clark and Rachel Wilkinson
The Family Way by Christine Kaiser Bonasso
Under My Father's Tree by Stephanie L. Liberatore
Bon Jellico by Anthony J. Otten

"Rebuilt Hot Metal" by Andy Beck "Rebuilt Hot Metal" by Andy Beck


Artist Gallery
Artist Spotlight: Dr. Earnest Williamson II


F_2013_Kate_Koenig-Locked_in_Love "Locked in Love" by Kate Koenig


Fall 2013 Contributor Bios
HMB Book Reviews
HMB Blog

"Wait" by Kate LaDew "Wait" by Kate LaDew

"St. Paul Revealed" by Dr. Ernest Williamson "St. Paul Revealed" by Dr. Ernest Williamson

F_2013_Philip_Sweet-Out_for_Some_Fresh_Air "Out for Some Fresh Air" by Philip Sweet

"Bard With Black Roses" by Ernest Williams "Bard With Black Roses" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

"Sleep" by Kate LaDew "Sleep" by Kate LaDew

"Meters of Meters" by Philip Sweet "Meters of Meters" by Philip Sweet

"Untitled" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III "Untitled" by Dr. Ernest Williamson III