Featured Fiction

"Color Bars" by Sheri Wright"Color Bars" by Sheri Wright

Without Wind Resistance by Sean Towey

"...Sometimes Mark has dreams where he lies supine in a gutter at night with a group of learners standing above him. They kick him in the ribs and groin; every once in a while someone leans over and punches him in the face. In the dreams, Mark is grateful for the learners who take the time to clock him with a fist; he appreciates the extra effort. A barely audible voice screeches 'Gentlemen' from the sky..."

Featured Poetry

"Dark Cities" by Kate LaDew"Dark Cities" by Kate LaDew

Cold Breath by Alejandro Escudé

"...The weatherman speaks to us in syrupy tones./ His banter is that of an older brother./ We succumb to it, I’m sure. Early morning drones./ Even the rich lose. But they lose differently./ And I’m not sure losing exists..."

Featured Non-Fiction

"Master of the Unseen" by Amanda McGlynn"Master of the Unseen" by Amanda McGlynn

Attachment by Marin Sardy

"...A few people had already asked us if we were on our honeymoon. No, we would say, smiling, explaining that Will worked for a magazine and that he would be writing about this 'adventure cruise.' We were among the only passengers under 50, always holding hands or stealing a kiss as we walked, so it made sense that they would assume things, and it pleased me that they would..."