Unveiled and Unexpected: Winter 2015

Letter from the Editors

“Inis Mor” by Maria Scott



Note from Fiction Editors Amanda Boyle and Gabrielle Pastorek
Grace by Ashley Kunsa
Townhouse by Dan J. Fiore
Tiny Roundhead by Elise Moser
A Valley Famous for Struggle and Small Reward by James Gyure
Leaving Fingerprints: An Interview with NoViolet Bulawayo by Nina Sabak



“Witnessed” by Kushal Poddar



Note from Nonfiction Editors Cumi Ikeda and Gavin Jenkins
MAN ALIVE: an excerpt by Thomas Page McBee
Dog by Marissa Schwalm
Cutting as Weight Loss, Not Amputation: An Interview with Adam Hochschild by Cumi Ikeda
Right Times: An Interview with Peter Hessler by Gavin Jenkins



“Thought Patterns 1 & 2″ by Maureen Crammond



Note from Poetry Editors Caleb Washburn and Emily Hopkins
The Pearl by Jane Huffman
Two Poems by Margaux Griffith
Two Poems by M. Mack





“The Marriage Market” by Victoria Sgarro


Artist Gallery

Contributor Bios