Number Nineteen

Letter from the Editors

"Sasha..." by Scott Lewis

“Sasha…” by Scott Lewis


Note from the Fiction Editors
To the Boy Who Took My Place by James Valvis
In the Heart of Myrtle Cadoggan by Rajendra Shepherd
Participation and Permission: An Interview with Karen Joy Fowler by Sara Button

[in brackets] with Emily Danforth






"Pride" by Madison McClure

“Pride” by Madison McClure


Note from the Poetry Editors
from GRIEF VECTORS by Gale Thompson
At the birth of the first great light and Witch at the homestead by Melissa Atkinson Mercer
Silt by Triin Paja
Flat Bells by Terrell Jamal Terry
Epithalamion and Lies/Isle by Kristina Marie Darling
More or Less American by Emari DiGiorgio

[in brackets] with Jenny Johnson


#392 from "Map: Psychology" by Shannah Rose

#392 from “Map: Psychology” by Shannah Rose

Note from the Nonfiction Editors
Woman by Qinglan Wang
Names by Patricia Heim
Death of the Sire by Robert Boucheron
In the Army with Ray by Britt Leach

[in brackets] with Jeanne Marie Laskas




"Dark Passage" by Thomas Gillaspy

“Dark Passage” by Thomas Gillaspy

Social Justice Contest
The Resurrection of Subcomandante Marcos by Omar Esparza (Fiction Winner)
Piece of Mind by Dianne Williams (Fiction Runner-Up)
Capitalis by Alison Reed (Poetry Winner)
staten island, july 17, 2014 by Cassandra Carter (Poetry Runner-Up)
Pégué Village by Rachel Hoffman (Nonfiction Winner)





"Man Scape" by Richard Vyse

“Man Scape” by Richard Vyse

Note from the Art Editor
Contributor Bios