Number 17

Letter from the Editors

“Forked Tongue” by Josh House


Note from the Fiction Editors
All the Way Down in Fortune, Georgia by Marvin Shackelford
On Exhibit by Dorothy Erickson
Bobby Singer by Gianna de Persiis Vona





“Shoes” by Ignacio Lopez


Note from the Nonfiction Editors
To Bear, to Carry: Notes on “Faggot” by Ryan Van Meter
I Cannot Explain My Heart by Ayse Papatya Bucak
Three by Sydney Lea
The Apologist (#3) by Colin Rafferty
Where the Blue Tents Stand by Tessa Barkan
The Clarinetist and the Cult Leader by Mallory Jones




by Laura Grossett

“Untitled” by Laura Grossett


Note from the Poetry Editors
Dream Interpretation: Glacier and Dream Interpretation: Cocaine by Ruth Baumann
The Dolomites and Men Are Not Mirrors by Caroline Cabrera
Stitched Me Up and In the Sound by Dalton Day
The Private Lives of Deer by Amy Lawless
from THE BEDDING HABITS OF SORRY LUNATICS by Ezster Takacs & Willi Goehring





“Dunes” by Tarreyn Van Slyke


The Lone Animal Out on the Roof in the Flood: An Interview with Joshua Marie Wilkinson by Sam Corfman
The Details, the Dread: An Interview with Austin Bunn by Shannon Pender
Keeping Yourself in Check: An Interview with Amos Barshad by Rachel Mabe
Writing from the Body: An Interview with Nalo Hopkinson by Jessica Fitzpatrick


Featured Artist: Josh House
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