Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

XV: Station of Imaginary Civilians


from: The Stations

Dynamite over and over!
Like lambs to a sheep dog
or a building! The old
tricks overpenetrate! Polo
is a cult! I work downtown!
In a skyscraper! A cemetary
was not uncovered in its
burial times! I’m passing!
This has little to do
with my autogenic predicament!
I don’t call! I’ve started
chanting! And yet I abhor cults!
Why is that! The station is
near orion’s shoulder! Or
somewhere like that!
Complex remembrance
chlorinates the dead bodies!
I’ve forgot! Each form
according to its own means!
Even duckweed!
Which has nothing to do
with ducks! At the same
time this is never a deception!
In thirty years the coral
snows will die!
Listen to me!
Why are you drinking your vinegar
in a state of tranquil extinction!
Everything’s a goal!
And yet the goal is
part of the vernacular!
As well as account numbers!
Which are also esoteric!
But how does one let the
number turn the number
into a diamond trailer
blossoming on the roof!
Akin to a satellite signal!
How the fuck should I know!
By turning I meant a
change of heart! A rusty
bolt! Else one can use
exoteric erector sets!
The diameter of the heart!
Which is just a muscle!
I’ve been piercing together
qualifications! Deep inside
my bureau is a sexy
chessboard! Where I play
out my problems! And
yet I haven’t played for years!
Sometimes the lines
keep breaking! But this
has a lot to do with a lack
of right justified pepper!
A paper altar! I’m not
complying with my own
hope! I’m dizzy!
There is no station! I think
I said that already! And yet
the people living there
keep calling! They have lives!
What is their halflife!
And how are they communicating
vast distances without
the aid of an ansible!
I’m eating a powerbar!
It’s not real per se!
What I would give to be
pampered and incompetent!
And yet the ceremony
of the air depicts jeweled
trees! And I’ve never
seen a jewel on a tree ever!
However the ceremony
insists that every tree does!
The elf signs off on this
notion also! My doubt
is relief! The instant message
unpacks a flatness!
Which is generally easier
to walk than a mountain!
I would like that!
I have nothing against
mountains! My voice
is getting hoarse!
I don’t say anything
during my lunches!
No one speaks to me!
But I’m not desperate!
Does living in the moment
involve straining the eyes!
Or any other body part!
We are all leopards!
We are endangered!
Shut up!
I didn’t mean that!
I love you!
And also your goat!
Do you herd!
I’ve fallen asleep in a
restroom! I bet this
happens to everyone
when they’re asleep!
I have a little captain in me!
It’s from appamatox!
Sadly all lovers
will leave you!
Next time I’m quiet
I’ll buy dinner
for everyone!

Alan DeNiro (XV: Station of Imaginary Civilians). Alan DeNiro's poetry has appeared in Spoon River Poetry Review, Bird Dog, and elsewhere. He is the author of two poetry chapbooks, The Black Hare and Atari Ecologues. His short story collection, Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, appeared from Small Beer Press in 2006.