Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five



For Patty Gates

I can see right through you
yet I still like what I see.
The pacific ocean at your knees
wagging its tongue like a labradoodle
one part drunken noodle, two
parts labor of love. You crocodile!
You forest spy and protective cove!
In the park, tonight, the woodwind blows
and I can see, upon the trunk of a maple,
a black squirrel and yonder
a pea-green sweater rides the final
heat wave of summer
like the spontaneous overflow
of a kinetic sculpture. What is it,
itself invisible, that fills such visions
with life. What holy fire?
What unstifleable need?
The holy fire of unstifleable need!

Jean-Paul Pecqueur is from Tacoma, Washington, and he currently lives in Brooklyn, where he teaches at the Pratt Institute. His first book of poetry, The Case Against Happiness, was published by Alice James Books.  New work has appeared in Ping Pong, The New Megaphone, and Vinyl, as well as others.  Greying Ghost Press will publish a chapbook titled “To Embrace Sea Monsters” during 2013.