Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

What Starts Wail Ends Wail


next spring I will be one hundred & twenty-nine
in siren yrs, we count everything in drownings.
the grim reaper is not looking for me but I know
her gaze, have practiced it on mirrors & humans
& what is the difference in staying alive & being
alive? You have heard things, I am sure you have
noticed my whiskey spit, skulls floating, mouths
adrift & me on a rock begging someone to come
closer, the thing is, a song is nothing but a spell
that has found another way to plead.  Me, I am
nothing but a bargain, you can dress the cross-roads
anyway you like, they’re still crossroads, someone
still has to die. Why does it always have to be
a woman? Don’t you remember the thread held
by three old broads —snippings & cackle sharp?
Turns out, it was a man this whole time. I get it, why 
would anyone let a woman be in charge of such
a Goding, but herself?

Siaara Freeman is from Cleveland Ohio, where she is the current Lake Erie Siren. She is an avid reader & adores myths & fairytales. Once upon a time she was 16 and competed in a competition called Brave New Voices & from that day forward poetry was her happily ever after. She is a two time nominee for the pushcart prize, a finalist for the 2017 button poetry chapbook competition, a 2017 Bettering American poet and Best Of The Net Poet, a 2018 Winter Tangerine chapbook fellow and a 2018 Poetry Foundation incubator fellow. She is the founder of Wusgood.Black and a reader for Tinderbox & Winter Tangerine journals. In her spare time she is growing her afro so tall God mistakes it for a microphone and tries to speak through her. Her first collection of poems Raised By The Dead is forthcoming in 2019 from Honeysuckle Press.