Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five



Tell me does the table ever fill/set for those who won’t come home/your hunger/how the waiting robs the flesh from bone/the paradox of loving/with your hands tucked into pockets/the one you hold might leave/but you hold them/sing a prayer with your feet/give this world and all it’s villain-gods the drumming of rebellion/forget about teeth/scar-tissue/sutures/dawn roaring/the song of midnight-statues brought to life/tell me your legs tap even seated/you’re running with nothing but light to catch you/how to outrun a shadow/tell me the worst things are slow slow runners/it was once light and since then it has all been running/light shows me a way out of myself/light which lives between us/light is a great puller drawing all things in circles/light takes 1 million years/8 minutes/20 seconds to reach from the center of the sun to the surface of the earth/it keeps eating itself in splendor/it takes only 4 milliseconds for you to place your hand on my chest/in the dark/wrest me from a bad dream/tell me light/tell me light/tell me light.

Joplin Morgan is a poet in Boise, Idaho. They currently attend Boise State University as an undergraduate. Their work includes themes of indigineity, poesis and magic. They love fermented foods and japanese motorcycles. You can find them online here.