Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Two Poems


Shopping List for a Promising Future

Two months salary worth of cheese
Broken parking meter, transferable
Duct tape
Fly paper
Case of chocolate puddings
The sound of my lover’s voice
Player piano
Several buckets
Leprechaun Piñata
Small child who sings sweetly
Adoring canine (no poodles, please)
Year’s supply of Mueslix
Private mail clerk equipped with collapsible boxes and ample shipping tape
Barber’s chair that raises and lowers with touch of the foot
Firemen’s pole (shiny!)
Bald Lebanese cook
Milk-producing cow (sweet brown eyes, long lashes)
Small yacht replete with uncorked champagne bottles (muscular captain ideal)
Stiff, cool breeze
Motorized hand truck
Narcoleptic husband (prefer wealthy)
14 tanned, Latino musicians fitted with instruments
Pear-shaped swimming pool
Bell choir of nuns
Sense of mystery
Deep throated yell available on command
Two kind friends
Overflowing garden
Period of silence
Skeleton key to unknown location

Dating: When Weird Becomes Normal

He will set the coffee pot for 6 a.m.
He will shower. Get dressed.
He will straighten his naughty bits.
He will tell me, Honey, I am straightening
my naughty bits
. He will go to the gym,
take the car for an oil change, a wash.
Later, when I’m home he will call, ask,
What are you doing? I will hear his dog
squealing in the background.
We’re on a walk. The dog will squeal
all the way to the park as he tells me
his nutsac is cute, asks, Later, will you
suck me, honey
? He will hang up,
call a man about a job, call a woman
about another job. He will get annoyed
that the car is still dirty, that his yardman
never showed. He will uncork a nice bottle.
He will invite me to dinner with his dog,
At dinner, he will tell me about pilates.
He will say to his dog, Daddy
will never abandon his little boy
He will say, I think my trainer
tried to kill me today, honey
, ask,
Do you wanna do anal tonight?,
laugh, a throw back your head
kind of laugh, turn to rub
his dog’s ears: Daddy loves his little boy.
He will send a text message to his friend
about food on a stick, show me
the message, joke about food on a stick.
At home he will ask me to suck him.
Wanna try anal? laugh, Just kidding.
Can I get you anything, honey?
He will roll over, say to the dog, Good night,
little boy. Time to go sleepy sleeps.
Daddy loves his little boy

Beth Gylys has published two award winning collections of poetry: Spot in the Dark (Ohio State UP 2004) and Bodies that Hum (1999 Silverfish Review Press). Her chapbook Matchbook, a collection of personal ad/sonnets, was published in fall 2007 by La Vita Poetica Press.