Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Two Poems


genesic thrift


I accept apologies because they are as rare as a face only an android could love. Someday maybe only the machines can. Clouds of industrial evolution instinct-extract until extinct.

Maybe we already cannot. The extinguisher foams at the mouthless and puts out anyone’s fire.
I acquit you because you lack act among the economic scene. If I overact, loan me a pardon I can fanny-pack. Owe you unzip. It’d be nice to brush our biggest organs that need permanent care.
Your cheeseburger budget nickels buffalo on the specious counterpane. Kingdom phylum class order. Tax included.
This environment ruins the gamete. Sex cells under the table trans. You like frieze with that. Napkined urchins in corners and slides. Microscope until you are coated.
So many brothers you relate easily. Become descent. Become hidden slab of slant. Un-saint silence.

You have almost faded. You are hermitted behind a window behind a wall, recopying coping of whatever made you sit.
I choose to believe your uncertainty is real. Mine is. Its feet twist in the dirt but it lacks thumbs and palms. Can’t undig.
Don’t worry: I have consumed my goat and marrow bones. Roasted, denatured, ungiveable. Transmute, and invitations wet the carpet.
What does your triptych substitute. Does it transubstantiate to feed the gathered. You say you like herds.
I have a bush to burn with you. Pick to bone. Don’t we wish to be so clean in the dirt. You cup my dregs. I have a blush.
The sublime circles you on its infinite legs. You want to believe in the toes but can’t resolve them logically. You paint the nails.

Vanessa Couto Johnson is an M.F.A. candidate at Texas State University. Her work has appeared in shufPoetryA cappella Zoo (as “Vanessa Lessel”), Willows Wept Reviewamphibi.usLiebamourblossombones, and other places. A selection from her “Imponderables in Excess” is forthcoming in Eratio. She runs, blogs at, and has a B.A. in both English and philosophy from Rice University.