Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

This Way Please


From the Editors

Five poems by Ewa Chrusciel
“Red Scare” by Matt Wise
Three poems by K. Silem Mohammad
Three poems by Craig Santos Perez
Four poems by Heather June Gibbons
“Nepenthe” by Heather Winterer

Say Yes by Steven Weinberg

SAMSA: The Plea for Undecidability in Kafka’s Die Verwandlung by David Prescott-Steed
“The Texas Prison Show: Incarcerated Discourse and Revolutionary Activism” by Wesley Sims
An Interview with Karen Sánchez-Eppler (by Alexandra Rae Valint)

Naked Pilgrim by Gordon Stettinius

An Interview with Russell Banks (by Kelly Ramsey and Ashleigh Pedersen)
“Chase Us” by Sean Ennis
An Interview with Don Lee (by Sal Pane)
“Inflation” by Jeremy Griffin
An Excerpt from I Love You, Elizabeth by Jeff Havens

Mixed Media
From Structure to Debris by Kyle William Butler

An Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston (by Renee Aukeman)
“Smiles All Around” by Gus Mircos
An Interview with Gustavo Arellano (by Adriana E. Ramirez)
“Scrambled Heart” by Susan Jostrom
An Interview with Ann Fessler (by Libby Hultberg)

Contributors’ Notes

About Hot Metal Bridge

This Way Please original banner watercolors (jellyfish) by Steven Weinberg; banner lettering by Julia Germaine.

Connor Berge’s poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, West Branch, Washington Square, Green Mountains Review, The Volta, Juked, cream city review, and elsewhere. His first collection, Aroma Truce, is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press in 2017.