Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

This is the Realm of Last Chances


it could be anything   airplanes, mice, socks, wolves     these sounds, they turn to ghosts in the night.   their howls become me, somehow.     I always find     a way to write about birds, even though I know    that everyone expects me to write about birds     their wings, maybe, their small and yellow beaks,     their flight and descent     the patterns they make in the sky.     there I go, my obsession turning to ash.     I will give you all      the wolf poems and call them a book,     or my musings      on danger and its definitions.     maybe there is a place     for all of this, some last chance that erases the fear.     it wraps up all my vague and bloom-red scars     into lush bouquets of blood.     this is how I search for the wolves. find my blindness in a place I cannot accept as part of me.      it is a weakness,     coming to the woods and forgiving the shore.      I cannot own or disown anything.     not in the right way.     it’s all too final for its own good.

Sara Ryan is a third-year poetry MFA candidate at Northern Michigan University and an associate poetry editor for Passages North. Her work has been published in or is forthcoming from Slice Magazine, Sonora Review, Third Coast, Fairy Tale Review, Yemassee, Prairie Schooner, Hunger Mountain and others. Her chapbook, Never Leave the Foot of an Animal Unskinned, is forthcoming from Porkbelly Press.