Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

There was a seed planted in a young boy’s head of the genus, bad word



One day in the kitchen, in front of his mother, it sprouted and grew out of the boy’s mouth, seeing this, his older brother grabbed him and shook the plant to its root, dislodging it. The boy coughed it up, freeing the seedling to grow elsewhere.

Tera Vale Ragan received her BA from USC's Creative Writing Program where she received the Virginia Middleton Poetry Award and is currently earning her MFA at San Francisco State where she is the former Poetry Editor of 14 Hills and winner of the Mark Linenthal Award. Publications include Transfer, Eclipse, Rattle, 16th & Mission Review, Ekleksographia, etc. She has had the great fortune to travel (China, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, and France) from a very young age and believes that by crossing the borders of the world, her writing continues to strive toward crossing borders on the page.