Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

The Greatest Threat


Here is a bunny rabbit.
Try kissing it. Feel the fur
around its tiny lips.
This might work better
in a poem than in life.
Real life isn’t all about
frolicking in idea fields.
Try sleeping or taking
a break. Try walking
a few miles in comfortable
shoes. Breathe with your left
lung, then with your
right. Try not to notice
the difference between
them. It may be that the
greatest threat to hairstyles
is wind. The greatest threat
to understanding is bulbous
picnickers with cell phones
attached to their surgery-
enhanced assholes. I think
it would be better to be
a bunny, not just any bunny,
but the stuffed kind that flies
over Christmas displays
at the mall, the kind that
for a moment lets you
forgive the bright orange lips
of the bright orange clerk
as she asks you to sign the receipt,
the kind of rabbit that turns
the echo of an auto-tuned note
into the whisper of a cloud-
clarinet, into puffy time
marshmallows, into yellow
handshakes and yellower verbs,
into the hum of an astral sled.

Joanna Fuhrman is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Pageant (Alice James 2009) and Moraine (Hanging Loose Press 2006). In 2011,Least Weasel Press published her chapbook, The Emotive Function. For more visit: