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Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

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From the Editors

“Beatrice” by Matthew Gallaway
“Biological Imperative” by C.J. Brenner
“Liz Phair and the Most Perfect Sentence” by Andrea Uptmor
“A More Enduring Edmund” by David Greenwood
“Proof of a Wedding Photo, 1969” by Ann Claycomb

Interview with Steven Gillis by Steve Gillies

“Arm in Trout an Arm on Trout” by Beatrix Chan
“Dear Sigmund” by Anelise Chen
“Forensics” by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft
“Her Copy of the Epic” by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft
“Incumbent: To Lie Upon” by Michelle Puckett
“The Problem with the German Word for Art” by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft
“Time-Farmers” by Dimiter Kenarov
“Single Track” by Anelise Chen
“Surfers under the Golden Gate Bridge” by Dimiter Kenarov

“intimacy” by Caroline Lampinen
“Jarrod: An Accident Undone” by Erica Garza
“Pry, Pick, and Claw” by Brandon Lingle
“This Is Not a Pipe” by Ashley Bethard

Interview with John Jeremiah Sullivan by Katie Booth


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