Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Shore Gulls


Grey foaming pale jade
to white.  Grey sky.
Grey-backed gulls
contemplating grey sea,
straight-facing into a
southeaster that snaps ocean
at their three-toed, flesh-
pink, unwebbed feet. (What
is this coming at us
coming at us
in its torrent of  holler?)
Wary-eyed, statue-steady,
ready for whatever happens
at the edge of  awful uproar—
vigilant, mute in the midst
of its vast racket, who yesterday
were a sun-spotted
yellow-irised congregation
of squabble and squawk
as if nothing mattered
but the salt sweetness
in the slithery corner
of a smashed clamshell
or the bleeding remains
of two striped bass with
heads gouted ripe scarlet,
mouths crazily agape,
glazed eyes frozen open.

Eamon Grennan‘s most recent collection is Out of Sight: New & Selected Poems.