Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Seven Lines


If you’re going to get a word in edgewise

watch out for vowels, tropical words,

inflatables. Better, be a mensch—

let blowhards command the thermostat.

There never was a word, not even logos,

worth smudging paper for, so speak

with the discernment of butterflies.

Far From Algiers, Djelloul Marbrook’s first book of poems, won the Stan and Tom Wick Prize in 2007 and was published by Kent State University Press. His short story, “Artists Hill”, adapted from an unpublished novel, won the 2008 Literal Latté first prize in fiction. His poems have been published in The American Poetry Review, Barrow Street, Oberon, The Ledge, The Same and other journals. He is a retired newspaper editor and lives with his wife, Marilyn, in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York.