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Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Relative Dimensions


From the Editors


Jen Gann: “My White Apartment”

James Joseph Brown: “Snowman”

Amy Wright: “Bustling City”

Sherrie Flick: “The Remembering”

Tiegen Kosiak: “Ella and the Elephant”

J. A. Tyler: “Inside of my History are These Moments”

Eric Beeny: “A New Amnesia” and “Smoke”

Roy Buck: “Drag Queen Savior”

Damian Dressick: “Worship, Kinship, Imitation, Flattery”

Interview: Lydia Davis


Sarah Simkin: “For Insurance Purposes: These Words Do Not Define Me”

Jesse Goolsby: “Not an Emergency”

Page McBee: “Giving Up the Ghost”


Sherman Alexie: “The Search Engine,” “Love Song, with Anti-Coagulant”

Daniel Berkner: “Among the Winter Beginning,” “At Daybreak,” “The Art of Conversation,” “Never Again am I Allowed to Return to an Island”

Nicelle Davis: Uses for a Witch’s Eye—1.a Jaw Stopper,” “Uses for a Witch’s Eye—1.b Jaw Stopper.”

Darren C. Demaree: “EMILY AS RAG AND BONE”

Taylor Eagan: “one by one, becoming shade”

Ryan Luz: “John Rambo,” “Fathoms”

Mandy Malloy: “Don’t Tip-Toe Past the Witch’s Pool,” “no past tense”

Adam Million: “Bottomland,“South”

Tera Vale Ragan: “The Monday Garbage Man,” “There was a seed planted in a young boy’s head of the genus, bad word.”

Ciara Shuttleworth: “Taking Flight”

Eliot Khalil Wilson: “At the Wealthy Christian College,” “Senior Night at the Mystic Lake Casino”


Richard Gegick: “Playing Cards”

Ethan Chatagnier: “Eulogies for Ms. Muir “

Megan Berlin Alderson: “Tell Me”

Olivia Kate Cerrone: “The Hunger Saint” excerpt of a novel with the same name

Interview: Caitlin Horrocks

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