Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from the Poetry Editor


“On Emergence”

One of the more pressing concerns for any fledging poet, or poet writing in the now, is a question of “emergence.” Various aspects and idealizations exist for the poet of the now concerned with what it means to emerge, or for one’s work to come into view. At times an anchor, and other times a catalyst, this question of emergence is one that was a focal point for this issues’ selected works, which brought us closer to the colors and textures of what Issac Ginsberg Miller describes as a “Portrait of solitude/I fill the room with/the outlines of no one.” We were driven this issue by the pulse of what emerges in that lone space that dares us to examine “why would anyone let a woman be in charge of such/a Goding, but herself” as in the work of Siaara Freeman. Through the question of emergence, this issue highlights work that wrestles with itself, and thus, forces us to wrestle with ourselves in the interest to emerge from the dark clandestine corners of our silences, into a space where our ever-emerging selves give way to speaking.