Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from the Fiction Editor


The three stories we’re proud to present in Number Twenty-Two are each intimate portraits of unlikely relationships. In “A Little Arrhythmic Blip,” Beth Gilstrap builds a symbol of connectedness in the form of a fence covered in yarn, taking full advantage of the beautiful imagery offered by the action of the story, which brings two women from different generations together.

Tom Lolis’s “Tante’s Demon” weaves Jewish folklore into a harrowing tale set in Pittsburgh early in the twentieth century, as a working class family struggles to put food on the table and deals with a changing culture that threatens to leave them behind.

In “Hiding Places,” Pablo Piñero Stillman tells the story of a privileged young man who works for a firm creating online content in order to influence an election. He is called to his mother’s house to look after it and the dog while she’s away, and encounters a poor man in debt to a lender he can’t pay back, to whom his mother had promised work.

All of the endings to these stories refuse the easy path, complicating the relationships they portray and showing us something idiosyncratic about the world. I am happy to present these stories and would like to thank all three of the authors for their wonderful work.