Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from Poetry Editors


As editors, we are privileged to share the work of five poets whose work collectively and smartly examines landscape, spirituality, embodiment, and the interplay between men and women. And in the process of exploring these themes, we find our newest collection to be both endlessly compelling and unsettlingly funny.

You’ll find two poems from Ruth Ann Baumann— “Dream Interpretation: Glacier,” and “Dream Interpretation: Cocaine.” These compact and wild poems spin a surreal landscape. From there, Caroline Cabrera takes up this process in “Dolomites” and marries it to embodiment and femininity in “Men Are Not Mirrors,” with lines like “For work I dress chin to ankle and still my body can be too much.”

From there, Dalton Day helps us get weird and associative with our bodies in “Stitched Me Up” and “In The Sound.” And Amy Lawless weaves a wicked fairy tale that critiques heteronormative relationships in “The Private Lives of Deer.” And we close with a collaboration between Eszter Takacs & Willi Goehring: selections from their sequence, “The Bedding Habits of Sorry Lunatics.” In these two poems, we get to roll around in oddity and affect, to linger over questions like “Dear Soul, / How do you execute a / meta-friendly diamond in the sky? / How do you contain its / blackened virus in your palm?”

We hope you enjoy reading through this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.