Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from Nonfiction Editors


This issue explores the moments where our daily sustenance–our food, our drinks, our meals–might reveal deeper connections implicit in our daily lives. We are pleased to feature two fine essays, Ghost Haunt by Susan Jostrom and Threads by Susan Kieffer.  Each essay reveals that, amid our daily consumption, what matters most is the compassion and tenderness of our most personal relationships. They serve as paeans to lost loved ones and past lifestyles, alternative existences in bygone eras, and present artistically rendered tales of bittersweet loss and personal sorrow by exploring small moments: whether sharing a beer with an old friend while listening to crusty old punk records, or tenderly nursing a kid goat from a baby’s bottle. These essays remind us that it’s these small moments that most deserve to be memorialized.

Also in this issue, we feature an interview with Anne Fadiman. We were lucky enough to sit down with the award-winning essayist, reporter and editor when she visited Pittsburgh this April. She graciously shared details of her writing process and discussed her joy of teaching nonfiction writing to Yale undergraduates. Fadiman reveals how she fell in love with essay writing, why the New Haven Yellow Pages is a seminal text in her writing course, and what mechanical flywheels have in common with the creative process.

Thank you for reading!