Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from the Fiction Editors


We emerge from the deepest winter we’ve seen in years, ivy dead on hillsides, spring buds and blossoms slow to let go their cover, the lurking sensation in all of us that a fiery heat awaits. We worry that these are the decades of extremes.
Stand on a bridge sometime, like we do in Pittsburgh, and consider its extremes. The dark pit below, whether watery or craggy–you’ll get a taste of that in Sean Towey’s “Without Wind Resistance,” in which a man in search of meaning only finds a sinking, corporatized absurdity. The stars above: Emily’s Koon’s “Magdalene” haunts us with these, and reminds us that on the water’s surface stars are as vulnerable to being shattered as our hopes. And the span itself. Like a bridge, fiction is about time and space, the moving from one place to the next. And the extremes of old and young face each other in “View from the Porch,” by Warren Read. In a sweet and careful telling, the span connecting two characters is captured in the simplest gesture.
What amazing submissions we had. What a great time we had reading them.