Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from the Fiction Editors


As fiction writers, we are plagued with identity: our own, those around us, and the characters to whom we give personhood. For this issue, we are invested in unraveling narrative characters and those of our readers. Who are our readers, and who can they become within fiction? In both To the Boy Who Took My Place and In the Heart of Myrtle Cadogan, the reader is pulled into the text, giving the reader a mask to change identities from observer to actor.
To the Boy Who Took My Place captivated us with two boys’ interaction with a mysterious man who offers them money for doing a favor. Here, the reader is a mysterious character, role ultimately unknown, but stands witness to the incident.
In the Heart of Myrtle Cadoggan is our most experimental form of prose. We are excited to unveil this series of communicative evidence to our readers, who have full access to a case file that details a chilling email correspondence between two women who are involved with a fire that destroys the area. The reader becomes a detective, judge, or an insider of the crime.
Our top fiction picks for our first contest, themed social justice, draw together identity and society, who and what society has become. We are thrilled to welcome The Resurrection of Subcomandante Marcos and Piece of Mind into our magazine. Thank you to Fiona Cheong for judging our contest.
And thank you, readers, for joining us in these stories and hope you feel as much a part of them as we have.