Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

From the Editors


Dear Readers,

It is with heaps of delight that we bring you this third issue of Hot Metal Bridge, “American Light.”

We received more submissions than ever this go-round, a fact that thrills us in ways we are too polite to name. Our staff of discerning readers and fearless genre editors tackled these submissions with gusto. We read until our eyes burned. We argued. We read more. We argued more. We made countless bad puns on the words “hot” and “metal.” In the end, we went with our gut, with what we loved, with what moved us.

So what do we mean by “American Light”? We believe this title speaks to the range of ideological and artistic questions addressed in this issue, from Susan T. Layug’s aversion to laundromats, to the “dark and messy” suburbia of Tom Perrotta, to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully’s hunt for the truth, to artist Jules Buck Jones’ colorful urban landscapes. In this conversation between emerging and established voices, the concept of “American Light” is complicated and exalted at once.

We’d like to thank not only our editors and readers, without whom this issue would be left to wrestle itself in a closet, but also Carolyn Kellogg, Editor Emeritus, for her invaluable advice and devotion; Jeff Martin, our faculty advisor, for always offering to host the party; and Chuck Kinder, for being the charmingest (and most supportive) mountain man ever to grace the hills of Pittsburgh.

We offer “American Light” for your devouring. We hope you’ll find it quite delectable.


Kelly Ramsey and Ashleigh Pedersen
Co-Editors in Chief