Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Letter from the Editors


Dear readers,

Hot Metal Bridge has enjoyed a number of successes since its last issue. However, in this new year the accomplishments that we’re most fondly looking back on have little to do with our own work, and are instead the products of our remarkable contributors.

Online and in person, we’ve been delighted to see the extended HMB family continue to produce fantastic art, win awards, and publish books. Many of these authors had their first bylines in Hot Metal Bridge, and in this issue we are proud to carry on that tradition, as two of our seventeen contributors make their literary debut. At our best, we’re not much more than a soapbox—giving space to magnify voices, particularly those that often go unrecognized. 

It is a dark time in history. But, as a university literary magazine staffed entirely by volunteers, we have the privilege to witness daily the extraordinary vitality of those creating and cultivating literature. We’re proud to give the following pieces a home, and to amplify them and their creators as much as we can.

We hope you enjoy them!