Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Letter from the Editors


Dearest Readers,

We’re delighted to present “Number Nineteen” to you. Don’t let the simple title fool you: this issue is as odd as its namesake. (In a good way, of course.) We hope you’ve noticed that in the past few years at Hot Metal Bridge, we’ve been trying some new and unexpected things: a different logo last year, our first forays into literary podcasting and graphic nonfiction this past fall. In this issue, we’ve tried to deepen that exploration into what we could create when we have such an imaginative staff and community of contributors. Click through our first piece of digitally-enhanced fiction and admire an essay that blends the visual and verbal to spectacular effect.

We have an especially large set of thank-yous to make this time around. Our genre editors and staff readers make each issue possible, and we’d be sunk without their good spirits and HTML savvy. Our profound gratitude goes as well to Pitt faculty Ellen McGrath Smith, Maggie Jones, and Fiona Cheong, who judged our inaugural contest, and to our art editor, Marina Tyquiengco, whose keen eye has been taking us to amazing places since she came on board in the fall. Everyone who worked on “Number Nineteen” put an immense amount of time, sweat, and love into this magazine,

We’re also grateful to our donors. This spring, Hot Metal Bridge launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign and exceeded its initial goal with a speed that genuinely made us teary. After setting another goal, we hit that, too. Donors, you make us feel like the prettiest girls at the dance. We’ve always had big plans, and now we’ve finally got the capital to start making them happen.

And, last but certainly not least, we’re grateful for you. Thank you for reading us, and for making this corner of the digital world feel like home. So come inside and see what we’ve got this time around. We can’t wait to show you.