Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Letter from the Editor


Hi dear readers. Thanks for waiting for us. Sometimes it takes us a while to put our face on, and even then sometimes we leave the oven on. (What’s that? You want to know why the oven was on while we were getting ready? No idea.)


Welcome to the new home for Hot Metal Bridge! Same url, different decor. After having the same web design since we first appeared in 2007, TEN YEARS AGO, we’re excited to have a new space to flex in and show off the great work we have for you this issue. I’ll let the genre editors introduce their own collections of work, but (if you can take my word for it) it’s good—in each piece, we enter the world from a sharply defined and fully realized perspective. For me, at least, this experience across subjectivities feels vital right now.


If you look elsewhere on our site, you’ll see some other changes too—most importantly, our interviews have gone fully audio with the rise of our podcast, [in brackets], through WPTS radio. On the [in brackets] page you can hear our most recent interviews with Ada Limón & Amy Bloom; that’s also where future interviews will appear, including episodes with Fates and Furies author Lauren Groff as well as with Max Linsky, a co-host of the Longform podcast who was also the co-host of the With Her podcast with Hillary Clinton.


There’s also an “Issues” page with all of our archives, but don’t go there quite yet—it’s still under construction! We hope that by our next issue in May (so soon!), all of our archives will be sorted and formatted correctly. And speaking of our next issue: our submissions are open until April 1st! Send us something amazing. In the meantime, peruse the issue and help us break in our new home!