Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Letter from the Editor


Dearest reader, welcome back to Hot Metal Bridge.

I’m thrilled to present to you our second issue in our new home, and our 21st over all. 21 feels auspicious, like we’ve reached the drinking age in lit mag years and should pop champagne and get a little crazy. In this issue, then, we invite you to party with us as only writers know how: tinged with sadness, lost in our memories, writing intimate letters that we’ll then share with a room full of people. As the genre editors’ notes variously indicate, there is solace but little solution in these works—the thinking/feeling body-mind at work, remembering what is stored in an experience, articulating the distance between two people despite a claim to intimacy, creating instead a closeness to the reader. An offering. This week I’m grateful for the care and emotional experience these writings provide, how they resurrect intensity from what might wish to banish it.

While we’re alas still refurbishing our back issues, they should be all up to date and correctly attributed in the next week or two—please follow us on social media for the go-ahead when we’ve finished! Just in going through the poetry section, however, I was delighted to find work by Craig Santos Perez, Rodrigo Toscano, Sally Wen Mao, Oliver de la Paz, Matthew Olzmann, Joanna Fuhrman, and Richard Siken in our pages, so that’s something we’ll look forward to pointing you toward soon.

This is my last issue as EIC—our current nonfiction editors, Steffan Triplett and Courtney Harrell, will take their places as the new editors in chief in the fall. I am grateful for their editorial eyes. As nonfiction editors, they advocated for a diverse set of perspectives in a diverse set of forms, and have been open to the porousness of genres. Theirs is an exciting vision for the future of this magazine, and the work it promotes! When they open for submissions again in the fall, we hope you’ll submit, and be inspired but what we’ve collected for you here.