Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

La Observadora


Feeling the initial jolts of an explosive, subterranean social transformation is something that she lives for, especially when the jolts are perceived to erupt from nearly frozen bystanders’ warm, pulsating bodies.
First, their emotions brighten to a maximum luminosity, spectacular accidents in thought causing intention to splinter into multiple paths of action; next, their ideals deflate and tuck hard against actual lived conditions; after that, their sense of public vanity dissipates, a scattering plume of smoke to nowhere; finally, their dogged dedication to reason clamps its straining claws into a rapidly unfolding speculative science of a just-around-corner “reality.”
The jolts come in a series of flickering dream images, sending waves of recovered historical memory into her sense of The Now.
She adores this new “little demon” friend more than anything else in the world. The feeling is mutual.

Rodrigo Toscano’s newest book is Deck of Deeds (Counterpath Press 2012). His previous book, Collapsible Poetics Theaterwas a 2007 National Poetry Series Selection. He was the recipient of a 2005 New York State Fellowship in Poetry. His poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies, including Against Expression, Diasporic Avant Gardes, and Poetic Voices Without Borders, and Best American Poetry. Toscano’s Spanish language poetry appears in the anthology, Malditos Latinos, Malditos Sudacas. His plays have been performed at the Disney Redcat Theater and Ontological-Hysteric Poet’s Theater Festival. His radio pieces have aired on WPIX FM, KAOS Public Radio, WNYU, and PS.1 Radio. His poetry has been translated into French, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Catalan. Toscano works for the Labor Institute in conjunction the United Steelworkers and the National Institute for Environmental Health Science. He works out of a laptop, tethered to a Droid, residing in airports, occupying poetics in midflight.