Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Kate with the Heart-Shaped Shades


TV tells me I am beautiful/ & suddenly I am unsure. My dad taught me how/ to crush water bottles: twist & snap their necks/ then close the cap. You will end up with/ monsters for hands. My sister has worn nothing/ but black for two years. So much mourning for/ that plastic.

I want to taste rain when/ it’s sugar acid. I want to crush my bones into powder/ & sell it on the street. Do you think I could make this/ my living? Am I rich enough/ to buy vickie’s secret yet?/ Dinner today: a can of boy/ half an hour of tap water/ a diamond chain.

There is a boy with a bird tattoo on his waist/ & I want our sex tape to raise eyebrows. People will be outraged/ when they see me on the street./ I pick up the phone & say yes/ it’s me. I am the girl/ in that video. I am the girl in every/ video. My body, every body.

I am Society. I am a Darling/ I want someone to say I am fine. When it rains I want that to be/ fine. I am cutting my hair to the roots/ to make this work. Tell me when I am done. Don’t ever let me/ snap my own neck. At my funeral they will say/ that girl is fiction. That girl/ is over.

Nancy grew up in America and China. She is the winner of the 2016 Write Bloody Poetry Chapbook contest, a James F. Parker Award in Poetry, and the Michigan Young Playwrights Festival Contest. She won the Michigan Grand Prize in Letters About Literature and was shortlisted as #6 nationally by the Library of Congress, is a two-time 2013 recipient of Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and a 2015 YoungArts Finalist. Her work has appeared in sinθ, Vinyl, TRACK//FOUR, Bodega Magazine, Winter Tangerine Review, and others. Her first chapbook will be out in fall 2017 (Write Bloody Press).