Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

From the Editors


Welcome to the ninth issue of Hot Metal Bridge, our biggest edition yet. But what is “bigness?” How do you measure the dimensions of writing?

This issue, our showcase on flash fiction highlights stories that manage to find room for wit, surprise, and real feeling in the space of a tiny word count. But then again, make room for formalistic concerns and that last sentence could also describe this issue’s poetry section. And come to think of it, our longer fiction and nonfiction achieve the staggering feat of fully rendering a world within the confines of a few words on a screen. Our interviews with Lydia Davis and Caitlin Horrocks, while complete conversations in themselves, also offer a glimpse into a larger conversation about American letters.

So it seems the dimensions of writing are relative. That is to say, the insides determine the size of a great piece of literature.

With the obligatory explanation of our title out of the way, we should move on to the without whoms. Hot Metal Bridge has now been around long enough that we have a legion of editors emeritus who have paved our way. Our new genre editors have done an outstanding job with their sections and this issue wouldn’t be possible without the hard for of Rachel Mangini and Jennifer Howard in fiction, Erin Lewenauer and Karen Alayna Thimell in poetry and Amanda Giracca and Maria Sholtis in nonfiction. A special thanks should also go to our new faculty advisor, Allison Amend.

We won’t take up any more of your time here—you’ve got a lot to enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Steve Gillies
Robyn Jodlowski