Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

From the Editors


Dear Readers,

After months of anticipation and the hard work of thousands here at Hot Metal Bridge, we proudly present to you our fifth issue: “All the Way Down.”

This is our biggest issue yet and much of that thanks goes to you. Because of our ever increasing readership, we’ve received more submissions than ever and have been able to expand our book reviews and kick off a podcast series which you’ll be hearing more about soon. If we didn’t select your work this time, we apologize. Try us again in the fall. All of the pieces we received were thoroughly examined and intensely debated by our rabidly dedicated staff.

As for the issue itself, “All the Way Down” showcases writers willing to plunge into their subjects to the furthest depths possible. Follow along with Michael Byers as he explains his researching process and with Charles Baxter who divulges his obsessions. Discover the bombastic poetry of Caroline Manning and indulge Andrew Lam’s celebration of the personal essay. We urge you to follow us “All the Way Down.”

As always, we’d like to thank those who without which Hot Metal Bridge would be nothing more than the fevered dream of a madman. Props to Emeritus Editors Carolyn Kellogg, Ashleigh Pedersen and Kelly Ramsey who fielded many difficult questions; Elizabeth Kadetsky, Ben Lerner, Jeff Martin, and Irina Reyn, our #1 fans and faculty advisors; our wonderful staff for hours and hours of work with little to no reward; and to Chuck Kinder, the man, the myth, the legend.

So enjoy “All the Way Down” and keep your eyes to the sky during the month of May. Hot Metal Bridge will be making one of its most exciting announcements yet.

Your Friends in Time,

Sal Pane and Geoff Peck