Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

From the editors


As would be expected, it’s been snowing here in Pittsburgh almost every day of December thus far.  The semester is over, and we’re ready for a change or two.  There are people graduating (woo, Turi!) and otherwise moving on.  And the words mixed with the snow in the air always seem to sound like we’re in transition.  From departments at school to relationships to our futures (even at the doctor’s office?!), everything is all about transition.  Which is why, as we move on from Hot Metal Bridge and welcome new editors Robyn Jodlowski and Steev Gillies, we’ll say it once more.  We’re in transition.
As winter settles tight and the holidays drive you batty, plug in that MacBook (says the lone writer with a PC) and get to reading the wonderful things in this issue.  There’s been a poetry explosion that should pair nicely with that vat of eggnog in your kitchen and the usual awesomeness of fiction and nonfiction that are nothing short of complimentary for that platter of pepperminty cookies on your desk.  (Don’t even pretend there’s not one.)  And before you know it, it will be spring.
Over and out,
Turi Fesler and Amy Whipple