Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

From the Editor


Thanks for visiting the debut issue of Hot Metal Bridge, edited by MFA students in creative writing at the University of Pittsburgh. We’re a new literary magazine with a shoestring budget (one that’s still looking for a shoe); yet our submissions were outstanding. What an honor to be the first place to publish two new writers — Brian Hurt and Molly Fuller — while showcasing new pieces by Maurice Kilwein Guevara and Michael Martone. It’s all terrific.

This issue could not have happened without the hard work of poetry editor Kelly Ramsey and her team of readers; fiction dudes Adam Reger and Derek Handley and their crew; and nonfiction editor Paul Ruggiero and his stalwart Dan McMillan. Even when I thought my sister, Laurie Kellogg, would stop picking up her phone, she continued to answer to give me smart design and technology feedback. And I’m grateful for the invaluable support from faculty advisor Jeff Martin and, of course, Chuck Kinder, the leader of us all.

The staff of Hot Metal Bridge took on a task which was a bit daunting: to create a new literary magazine where one had died a quiet death the year before. That was Nidus. We have some work that was accepted by Nidus without ever being published, and we’d like to put it online here. Unfortunately, we don’t have any means of contacting the writers. Please email carolyn (at) if you think we owe you one.

But mostly, right now I’m just excited that Hot Metal Bridge Number One is alive and kicking. Kicking what? You tell us.

– Carolyn Kellogg