Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five



There is a new aquarium in town
and we sit in front of the living
re-creation of a kelp forest. I
point out all the fish I used
to know from growing up
a fisherman’s son. You cup
my history in your hands
and call me your aquarium.
A man estimates the height
of the tank at 22 feet when he
overhears, in that other
conversation, a girl rhetorically
wonder: how big is this tank?
There are certain terms
we recreate so that we are able
to repeat ourselves, so that
in the end we are all
just wholly separate thieves
stealing our better selves.

Ryan Luz (rhymes with buzz) is a second-year student in the University of California at San Diego's creative writing MFA program. He takes photographs with 35mm film, considers himself a good whistler, and enjoys sitting so close to his friend that that their shoulders touch. He once named a cat Scruples.