Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five



all words
     begin yellowing
move away
     and away-er
until they are a dot
     of light
until they cannot
     be read
without the tape
     going back
     the machine
the machine whirring
     its hiccup wheeze
when the Death
     Star finally explodes
how many explode with it
     how many general contractors
how many making love
     behind a hydraulic door’s
horny swoosh
     and click
the death of a planet
     is beautiful
the little models
     of big big things
are beautiful the sand
     seems to hang
forever at the edge
     of the desert
I don’t know if life is precious
     I google
“total population
     of Alderaan”
to find it was 2 billion
     turned to dust and steam
but how many got
     to see the beam
alight in the sky
     like God’s last bad mood
but first the sun rises
     and then look a second sun

Mikey Swanberg is the Managing Editor of Little League, a collaborative literature imprint based in Chicago. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Tinderbox, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, and elsewhere.