Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Art Gallery



"Untitled 5.29.14" by Pedro Trevino

“Untitled 5.29.14” by Pedro Trevino


"Untitled 8.3.14" by Pedro Trevino

“Untitled 8.3.14” by Pedro Trevino


"Phthalo Lagoon" by Lisa Marie Jakab

“Phthalo Lagoon” by Lisa Marie Jakab


"Landing 2" by Lauren Valley

“Landing 2” by Lauren Valley


Flare 1 by Lauren Valley

Flare 1 by Lauren Valley

"Different Walks of Life" by Allen Forrest

“Different Walks of Life” by Allen Forrest


"Here/There" by Kate Koenig

“Here/There” by Kate Koenig


"Consumed Infusion" by Nick Romeo

“Consumed Infusion” by Nick Romeo


"East Liberty Dome" by Ignacio Lopez

“East Liberty Dome” by Ignacio Lopez


"Wanderlust" by Jasper Evans

“Wanderlust” by Jasper Evans