Hot Metal Bridge

Current Issue : Number Twenty-Five

Note from the Nonfiction Editors


Sometimes survival in this world means the very basics, all of the elements present: fire, shelter, food, water. The existence of these, or lack thereof, can mean the difference for an individual or an entire civilization. Once there exist the pillars of physical survival, though, the survival of the heart — love and companionship — is quick to follow in importance, with survival of the soul and intellect entering the picture as well: the desire for human connection, the wish for one’s time to be filled in worthwhile ways. But though that desire may remain constant, the time period in which one lives may call for desire to be filled in new ways; it may require the individual or the community to adapt, to survive and thrive differently as the environment evolves biologically, socially, and technologically.

Though our call for spring submissions did not request writing on a particular topic, we found that the pieces that really stood out to us this time — as well as our interview with the founders of — happened to center around the themes of survival and adaptation. The writing and thinking here reach back to Ovid and Nero, forward to beyond even the moment you read this. The essays and interview us offer layered, lovely insights on what we have needed in the past, what we need now, and what we will continue to need, as well as how to meet those needs in artful, compassionate,  innovative, and even funny ways.